About Brett Blue

Hey 👋 My name is Brett and I'm a writer, living my life in beautiful New Zealand with my comically oversized husband, David. We met in Brisbane, Australia, in 1996 and have lived all over the world since then, but Wellington is currently our home.

I was born in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, in 1969, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and telephones had cords. After completing my education at Seaford-Carrum High School in Melbourne, 1986, I flailed about aimlessly for a few decades. Eventually I discovered my vocation in writing.

When I'm not banging away at a computer, I enjoy:

As a writer, I pump out fiction across a broad range of genres. Please check the description and category for each individual story before deciding to read that book 👍

NOTE: I have NO social media accounts... none at all.